About Me

Drawing is my daily habit since childhood.
I started to draw for Turkish humour magazines and newspapers in 1995.
Turkcell Resimcell Mobile Content Service selected me to draw for them in 1999.
I have been drawing cartoons and comics for Beşiktaş JK Yavru Kartal Magazine (Monthly Magazine for Children Soccer Fans) since 2005.
My "Doodle Monster" project was selected by Wacom America to be used officially in 2014.
For 15+ years, I have been creating graphic designs, drawings, doodles, storyboards, animations for humour magazines, kids magazines, web portals, mobile content platforms, mobile&digital agencies and brands.
Art Direction for digital&mobile platforms. Illustration, cartoon, live sketch, caricature, doodles for digital&mobile platforms, children's book illustration. Web&mobile banner production. Presentation design.
Copic Multiliner Pens, Rotring Isograph Set, Unipin Fineline, Copic Sketch Markers Set, Touch Twin Markers, Posca Markers, Schoeller Paper or Copic Marker Sketchpad, Moleskine Sketchbook.
Digital Tools:
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CC, iMac 27" retina for home office working, Macbook Air 11" for urgent mobile working, Wacom Intuos 5 medium, iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.
My Process:
I use both digital and natural drawing methods according to the usage of art.
Most of the time:
I draw my sketches and concepts on my sketchbook. When I decided what to draw, then I make a simple pencil sketch and detail them with pencil. If I want this to be finished on the paper, then I finish the drawing with my ink pens and color them with markers. If I want this to be finished digitally, then I scan this sketch or take a picture of it with my phone. In photoshop, I draw my inking process with my Wacom tablet or use Illustrator if I need vectorized and more flexible solution.
While doodling:
I try to make my drawings with small cartoons and doodles and combine them like a puzzle. At the end lots of small cartoons make up bigger cartoons. While drawing the small cartoons, I always try to fit something random into that piece. If there is a special subject or brief I draw related cartoons with that subject. This makes me brainstorm and create ideas more naturally. Sometimes one small cartoon can inspire me to a big and more complex one in the future.
Animals and their natural habits, lives. Imaginery fantastic worlds and creatures (Tolkien's world, World of Warcraft Universe etc.) I can draw and cartoonize everything. What I really like is to characterize animals and weird creatures.
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